Pain and Mistrust

September 20, Friday, 7 pm

Utochkina St. 7

Discussion "Pain and Mistrust: Bi-phobia in Lesbian Community"

Bisexuals are a group that undergoes a double pressure: both in the larger society and within the LGBT community. During the discussion we will speak about stereotypes of bisexual women in a lesbian environment and beyond, our personal experience of bi-phobics or manifestations of bi-phobia and try to understand what causes bi-phobia in a lesbian environment and how it could be overcome.

The guidelines for the topics of the discussion:

• Ignoring and denying a bisexual identity, "You just have not decided";

• «Face control at the entrance to the community": Why it is important for many bisexual to attach themselves in the lesbian community, and why many lesbians do not want to let bisexual women in their midst;

• Stereotypes about bisexuality and pornography ("bisexual constantly think about sex", "bisexual love group sex");

• «One of us is more discriminating," why do many lesbians think that for bisexuals it is easier to live in a homophobic society, and is this really the case;

• Why many lesbians suspect that for bisexuals it is more important to be with men than with women;

Format: Discussion

Rules and restrictions: Because of the nature of the discussion, it is very important that the space is comfortable and safe, offering everyone a possibility to speak openly. We will communicate in terms of positive discrimination: For men (ie, those who identify themselves as men), the word will be given a second priority.

Moderator: Vera Akulova, researcher of Gender studies, member of the Moscow Feminist group

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