September 19-28


5 – 9 pm (weekdays)

3 – 9 pm (weekends)


Nadya Plunguyan (Russia) and Ulf Peterson (Sweden) serve as curators for the exhibit. Viewers will see archive photos and portraits of our contemporaries and witnesses to the period of decriminalization of homosexuality in the USSR and Sweden. A pride of the exhibit is the publication for the first time of a shot with the people involved in the notorious case of the homosexual "den" taken in 1922.

"2013 is a landmark year in the history of our legal self-consciousness, the 20th anniversary of the decriminalization of male homosexuality in the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic. For this reason we decided to dedicate the exhibition to LGBT history in Russia and the USSR on its way from medicalization and estrangement to the development of subcultures and the fight for political rights" – Nadya Plunguyan.

"Historical museums claim to demonstrate the history of all people, but they tend to ignore LGBT issues. The history of LGBTs has been kept quiet for a very long time...But if we never show the history of a suppressed group, these people are virtually nonexistent in the memory of mankind. In order to obtain their rights, the LGBT people should become visible " – Ulf Peterson.

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