Music as a catalyst for social change

22 September, Sunday, 12 pm

On September 22 at QueerFest there will be a meeting with Alexander Bard. In Russia, he is famous as a musician and producer (Army of Lovers, Vacuum and Alcazar). He is more famous in the USA and Europe as a philosopher and writer, the author of a trilogy about the Internet-revolution, and as a political activist.

"Mister Putin, I'm going to be straightforward: we will never give up. One cannot stop the fight of human being for love", said Alexander Bard at the opening of gay-pride in Stockholm. Bard comes to St. Petersburg to support the local LGBT community. He will read a lecture about the freedom of information, LGBT rights, and music as a catalyst for social change.

On the night before the lecture, come to a concert by Alexander's new band, Gravitonas. The lecture starts at 12pm. Don't be late.

Photo and video recording allowed only with organizer's consent.

For security reasons, organizers reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.


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