September 21, Saturday, 9.30 pm

INFINITY Club, Poltavskaya 7

Entry: 300 rubles.

Gravitonas is a Stockholm-based music project formed in 2010. The project is fronted by a lead vocalist Andreas Öhrn and a celebrated producer-songwriter Alexander Bard and a guitar virtuoso Ben Smith who are working closely with a co-producer and co-author Henrik Wikström. Gravitonas is among the front figures of the Scandinavian electronica scene combining electro/dance/rock genres.

Alexander Bard is known among Russian audience for his participation in projects such as Army of Lovers, Vacuum and Alkazar.

Joint video of Gravitonas and Army Of Lovers:


Dance-Pop single "Everybody Dance" was made in cooperation with Roma Kengi, star of Russian electronic music. The track quickly reached the top 10 chart list of club music and TV hits in Russia. In addition it entered the top 20 Billboard Magazine Club Play Chart List winning the 18th place.

The latest release "Lucky Star" immediately hit the top 10 music control.

On March 21 was released a club and radio hit "Call your name" by Universal Music in France, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Finland, Norway, Greece, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Estonia, Lithuania and Latvia. The release contract has been confirmed also in Russia and in Ukraine.

This year's Stockholm Pride was opened by Alexander Bard. During his speech Mr. Bard pled for our president saying
"Mister Putin, I will be straight forward with you: we will never back down. The struggle for the human right to love cannot be stopped".

One of the main reason for the Gravitonas to take part in a Queer Fest is to show the support for the LGBT community and for all those who believe in human right to love and free expression of identity.

We welcome you to the concert of Gravitonas which will take place in a club INFINITY!
Address Poltava street 7

Start: 21.30.

Admission fee: 300 rubles (Tickets can be purchased at the entrance).

The Gravitonas' concert will be followed with a Night Fest where the entrance will free for the persons who bought tickets for the concert.

The official site of Gravitonas:

Photo and video recording allowed only with organizer's consent.

For security reasons, organizers reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.

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