September 21, Saturday, 11.30 pm

Club INFINITY, Poltavskaya 7

Entry: 300 rubles

For visitors of GRAVITONAS concert entrance is free of charge.

This night on the stage of INFINITY Club – Finnish dance project Fe'Fellas, first time in Russia, special for QueerFest!

Fe'Fellas is a group full of striking attitude and performing. The group includes unique and diverse male dancers. Fe'Fellas's choreographies are based on Vogue Femme genre.

They offer diverse, unparalleled and glamorous performances for its audiences.

Group's ideology includes tolerance and equality, as well as breach of prejudice. The group has been assembled 2011 by Venla Vuorio. Since then the group has competed and performed actively.

Olli Haapaniemi, Riku Haaramäki, Heikki Hautajoki, Jarkko Hänninen, Henri Sarajärvi, Topi Tiikeri

During the Night Fest on stage of Infinity, there will also perform the dancer project called All-Inclusive.

Finally our main surprise...

In 2009, when the QueerFest night event was held for the first time, we announced a contest ... unusual for us all during that time: The Contest of Drag King (female transvestite). As a result, during the night show, 6 participants battled for the title of «DragKing NightFest" in a dance project that was formed by Drag King Studio. It included the winner of the competition. The project has existed for more than three years now, and has participated in several LGBT venues in Saint Petersburg and beyond.

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