«Petersburg without Homophobia»

Closing Concert

September 28, Saturday, 9 pm

"MOD" Club, Griboedova canal, 21

Entrance fee: 150 RUR

It has become a tradition for Queerfest to be finished with a rock-concert, which gathers totally different participants together at the same place. All of the members, regardless of their musical genre, support the idea of liberty, equality and non-voilence. They all want their voices to be heard – by those people who they work together with and live in the same city. This year we decided to name the concert «Saint Petersburg without homophobia», because this is our main aim, this is what we all work for. This is the reason why we organize the festival for the 5th time. We are very glad to have all our friends participating in the concert to support tolerance and human rights.

Participants of "Petersburg without Homophobia"

Inka Li is a talented musician and songwriter with a great performance background.

After she left "Iva Nova" in summer 2012, she had a very productive time recording her own songs. The QueerFest concert is going to be the first performance of the new band. Talented, young, but experienced musicians, this time they are men.

Inka Li is now ready for a unique solo performance, which includes old hits in a completely new sound as well as new songs that have never been played before.

Bright and high-quality music has now become even better, remaining very deep and delicate. Inka has become even more tender and wise, remaining forever young.


«Neon lights» is a project created by the guitarist of the «Мultifilmy» band Yevgeny Lazarenko together with music critic Max Hagen. These two men decided that they needed more pop music that they liked and started their own project. The name they have chosen for the new band appeared to be suitable. Songs they perform are sparkling with electronic sounds like real neon lights. Members are absolutely cool with the tag "intellectual pop" that stuck to the band from the very first days. Having decided to play melodies with breathtaking arrangement, they made the right choice. The band is happy to be compared to foreign musicians. Nevertheless, it is extremely hard to find anyone similar, as the music they play is very complex and unique.

After the release of the singles "1000" and "Lazy," the band was awarded the title "Debut of the Year: 2011" by "Time Out Petersburg" magazine. No one else seems to be capable of performing this kind of "smart" pop music. It is hard to believe that such sensitive and pure sounds originate from this city.


Photo and video recording is allowed only with the consent of organizers.

For security reasons, organizers reserve the right to refuse entry without explanation.


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