Workshop "kvir solidarity: check your privilege"

September 28, Saturday 28, 3-4.30 pm

"Nonexistent Floor", Utochkina Street 7

the kvir_feminist collective (Vienna, Austria)

In our workshop we want to talk about the necessity of solidarity actions and mutial support within trasregional queer activism and particularly the risks of perpetuating paternalism, otherness and existing North-Western hegemonies in our activism. At the beginning we will highlight some examples of well meant solidarity actions that took place in "Western Europe" in order to support the Russian queer community, but which we consider as instrumentalisation, cosumerism, political incapacitation and misuse of existing power assymetries. We will breifly analyze these examples from an anti-racist and feminist perspective and try to give some intersectional interpretations of how and why this could happen. We would also like to introduce our course of actions and the idea of ''kvir'': an attempt to re-implement queer as radical politix of detecting and refusing or sharing privileges within transregional activism. kvir as a concept refers to the experience of activist fights against sexism, homo- and transphobia f om the "global East" and opposes the binary-coded narrative of a liberated tolerant "Western" world and the backward intolerant East. After a short presenation of the concepts of the d.i.y. festival ''kvir_feminist actziya'' which took place in June 2013 in Vienna we would like to speak about kvir solidarity as the idea of showing solidarity with each other without neglecting power relations but taking them into account of our joint actions. Considering the background of different power relations, priviliges and existing repressions in different countries and contexts we want to discuss the needs and possibilities of creating kvir solidarity spaces within transregional activism, concrete potential future solidarity actions on both, regional and transregional levels, and their possible effects on one another.

invitation politix: we as a collective will try to create an open atmosphere, where no or little prior knowledge of the issue is required to engange in the discussions. The workshop is open to all genders, but people who identify as women*, trans* or intersex will be given word first in the discussions. We will offer the workshop in both Russian and English and try to organize a direct translation so everyone will be able to take part, irrespective of their language skills. However we hope that those poeple, who are fluent in both languages, will share their priviliges by offering help with translation.

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